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sethnintendo said:

I have more sympathy from someone getting it from real life event than someone watching or looking at something disturbing.

Hopefully you never get PTSD and require help only to have no help available.
No one "wants" to get PTSD.

Everyone has a different level of tolerance to horrific images.

sethnintendo said:

Had a friend for almost 19 years and finally had to ditch him.  He started getting panic attack three years ago supposedly because he would look at disturbing cases while working at the DA office.  He eventually had to quit his job and move back with his parents.  He is going on year 3 just drinking everyday and hasn't worked at all the entire time.  I tried to hang out with him (usually just drinking) and cheer him up to get motivated to being a normal adult again.  Now when he is approaching pretty much 3 years and will prob go on 4 I had to just ditch him.  He wasn't getting better and at end started talking shit to me because I was calling out his shit situation.  You can only give a person so much time before you deem them worthless.  He has 5 self help books though which he is supposedly reading!  He really just needs to go to rehab.  Those self help books obviously don't help shit.

Are you serious? Drinking is a depressant, that ultimately solves nothing. YOU did the wrong thing.

What you should have done... And anyone who has had to deal with individuals suffering from PTSD is not get to involved on a personal level, ask them if they are okay, refer them to professional services... Many services will also contact the sufferer so you don't need to worry if said individual is going to make a move.

I highly suggest you take a course in Mental Health First Aid, it's extremely valuable... You would certainly learn allot if your current (And poor!) outlook is anything to go by. - Everyone should have that training... In conjunction with Apply First Aid and Provide Basic Emergency Life Support.