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jason1637 said:

Abortion is imoral though. These bills are a bit extreme but the intentions are good.

The problem though is that illegalizing abortion is not the way to lower the rate.  

There's a reason that terms like "coat hanger" abortion exist.  If a woman is desparate enough, they are going to take things into their own hands.  

Even if you think that abortion should be legalized, it's not an easy thing to legislate.  

For example, some women purposely fall down stairs to miscarry.  How do you legislate that?  
"People who fall down stairs should go to jail" -> That's obvious nonsense.

"Pregnant people who fall down stairs should go to jail" ->Still nonsense.  Some people legitimately fall by accident.

"Pregnant people who are trying to miscarry by falling down the stairs should go to jail" -> how do you prove that someone was intentionally trying to miscarry?  Sure in some cases, you can figure it out, because they try another method.  

Or like the recent law that was trying to get passed.   That doctors could be charged if something happens to a baby that surivived an abortion.

How do you prove it was the doctor's fault?  Or how do you prove that the doctor could have done more to save the baby's life?  

That was the concern that Democrats had, that doctors could be charged with murder for a natural death.

Some of these women are endangering their lives to miscarry.  Illegalizing abortion isn't the 100% pro-life view it is cracked up to be.

Some states are giving away free contraception, and they've had great success with reducing the abortion rate.  

I don't think that was intentional.  A lot of people accidentally put their post in the nearly invisible square (on mobile) they are quoting.

jason1637 said:

Well we have laws that stop people from killing each other and killing animals so it makes sense that there are bills being made to stop abortions. Life is sacred and if someone does not want a child they don't have to keep the kid or they can just take  proper precautions to make sure that they don't have a kid while having sex.

But we also have laws to allow killing animals, and in some cases people (mostly the death penalty, but you could argue that Euthanasia is also in that category.)

For rare instances such ad incest, rape, and health issues I think it makes sense to allow abortions. The issue I have with it is that the vast majority of abortions are not because of incest, rape, and/or health issues.

The falling down the stairs example is hard to prove but I believe that investigators have the capabilities to figure out if someone was purposely trying to get rid of their baby based on their past actions. 

And those laws are dumb. The only reasons that animals should be killed is for food and for self defense if you're attacked by a bear or something. Also the death penalty is also immoral imo.