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Kristof81 said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:

Oh, no big direct until E3

I think there's never been big Direct between March/April and E3.

Well, they actually did several times in the past, but it has gotten rare recently. But I think that's also due to making less Directs in general now. For instance, there were 30 Directs in 2013 between the different regions, but only 17 in 2018 - and that's bloated through 5 Fire Emblem Heroes Directs.

However, in April/May, Nintendo generally showcases 1-2 games which are normally to be released in June or July, so it's normal that SMM2 gets that treatment, too. Just look at those directs in the last years:

2018: None, MTA direct was in early March already

2017: 2 Directs for ARMS and Splatoon 2

2016: Culdcept Revolt (Japan only)

2015: 2 Directs for Xenoblade Chronicles X and Splatoon. Also, a general Direct on April 1st.

2014: 3 in April, with SSB, Tomodachi Life and Mario Kart 8 in quick succession

2013: Monster Hunter 4 and Phoenix Wright (Japan only), also a general Direct on May 17, 3 weeks before E3