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AbbathTheGrim said:
Manlytears said:

Imho, they will make each episode to be like 1 disc of the OG FFVII and add some extras to give some meet to the episodes, expanded lore and extra quests for sure.

Dude, you are extremely optimistic. I am fearing that they will instead chop off and summarize stuff out of the original game.

Backlash would be huge if they cut parts of the og game and, on top of that, divided the thing in 3 parts!

Og FF7 is colossal in size, but if you divide it by 3... not very impressive, still good size, but not a "big rpg size"! 

They don't need to create many things, just some extras, 3-4 h of extra gameplay and lore for fans, people will love it and fell like the "episode bullshit" got some positive sides.

Be more positive, i mean, square sucks at "time and development cicles", but remember this is mudafukar FF7 and the start of the "classic remakes" from legendary rpgs, the guys need to be extra dumb to cut corners on a project whit such potetial.

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