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Ganoncrotch said:
Azuren said:

I would only defend piracy as a means to play video games that cannot be purchased and played anymore in any fashion.

Examples of Regular Bad Piracy:
1. Downloading Super Mario World on your SNES emulator on PC is still a form of piracy since you can still officially purchase a digital copy on the Wii U.
2. Downloading Final Fantasy VII onto your hacked Xbox 360 is still a form of piracy since the game can be purchased and played on Switch, Vita, PS3, PS4, XB1, and PC.
3. Downloading Pokemon Blue to your phone's emulator is still a form of piracy since you can still purchase a digital copy for your 3DS or 2DS from the eShop.

Examples of Acceptable, No-Choice Piracy:
1. Downloading an EBOOT of Legend of Legaia to your hacked PSP is acceptable since you can no longer find any official sources to purchase the game.
2. Downloading an ISO for Ergheiz: God Bless the Ring for ePSXe is acceptable since you can no longer purchase it from Square Enix in any fashion.
3. Downloading Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game to your hacked PS3 is acceptable since Ubisoft lost the rights and the game cannot be purchased anymore.

What if you are playing through a long rpg on your hacked psp and it is revealed that it will be getting revived as a digital download on something like the switch or a system you don't own, do you delete the iso from your psp because in the future you might be able to play it again on the other system.

You say no choice Piracy.... I have a ps3 with Scott Pilgrim on it right here, I actually have it installed on my ps3 phat and a slim, offer me enough money and I'll sell ya one of um. You don't need to pirate the game! Given the fact that I've only ever sold 2 games in 30 years of gaming, this could be tough!

Also do you imagine there is some gaming ethics version of God overseeing what you do and if you abide by the rules you made up, will you get into gaming heaven when your HDD platters stop spinning?

Edit - Ah I see your no choice piracy is to buy it from the original stores sort of thing, so buying a ps3 with Scott on it wouldn't tick that box as me giving Ubisoft money for the game doesn't please your piracy ethics when you give me money for the ps3 with the game installed on it!!

If you have a means to legally purchase it, then yes. Otherwise it's a case of shitty piracy.

I own Scott Pilgrim as well. However, if my friend were to decide he wanted to play it, he could not purchase it.

Not any more than there is any other god out there telling you not to do bad things and rewarding you with an afterlife. See, the thing is you don't need a deity to have a moral compass. It's one thing if you're not given the option to purchase the title anymore, such as with Alan Wake. It's quite another to use a Wii U emulator just to play Breath of the Wild without paying for it. But if you don't have a problem personally with being a bad person, then all you have to do is keep your VPN up so your ISP can't sell you out for piracy.

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