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I pirate whatever, I don't really give a rats I pay a ton of cash into the movie and games industry and if there's a game I wanna play that's either not on a format I would pay for it on or if it's easier I'll just do it.

Most recent thing was probably cuphead, was on the PC wanted to see what it's about so I picked it up for the friendly neighbourhood pirate bay and played a fair chunk of it, was announced for the Switch and bought it day 1 (well actually day -14 since I had it pre purchased from the point where you could) I buy on average about 5 games a week to add to my collection across a range of platforms, from PS4/PC/NS/GC/3DS/DS/X360/PS3/Wii and many more.... have hundreds of games legit owned (well... it would be thousands by now actually rather easily, between X360/GC and NS I own around 1,000 titles) I have literally zero problem with pirating a game for effectively any reason I want, from shitty dev practices, just wanting to demo the game or simply because I can't be bothered to password locker my CC details and go to pirate bay instead of steam because they remember my CC details there.

I'd wager that I probably pirate more games than most people on this site, I would also near certainly say I spend more on games that 95% of the people on this site per year coming in at 4figures per season at least. Piracy is great.

One thing I will say though! Support Netflix and your local cinema's as long as you have a decent one in your area, if you only have one and it shuts down you missing out on seeing some great movies in the way they're meant to be seen, I've got a home threater projector (1080p just) setup at 130" but still... you can't get things like a midnight release of Endgame at home so support your cinemas and the movie franchises you love! And netflix because they fund the creation of some amazing series (and in piracies defence.... Adam Sandler movies)

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games? https://youtu.be/1I7JfMMxhf8