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kirby007 said:

Lmao seeing as the moderator has had personal issue with dark_lord in the past this feels very petty. Seeing as it isnt generalising

I have absolutely zero personal issues with anyone on this forum. Even Dark_Lord. - Some of his posts certainly does grate me as we have very different world views.. And that is actually perfectly fine.
The world is made up of individuals all with differing perspectives, it's a good thing... Thus I debate the points he presents rather than take issue with the individual.

Not only that... But before we moderate anyone, it's brought up in the mod chat so as to side-step any personal issues one may have for anyone... Meaning your complaint is pretty much pointless anyway from all angles, but thanks for bringing up your concerns... I am sure the Head Mods have taken note.

Ka-pi96 said:

Even if it's not generalising it's definitely sexism so I don't think the moderation is unfair.

Plus to me at least Pemalite seems like one of, if not the, least biased mods on the team so...

He was generalizing by inferring from a specific case. - That men were weak due to not having appropriate control of women.

I do have a PC bias though... :P

But in general I have no preferences or ill towards any individuals on this site, I take things as they come.

RolStoppable said:

It's sexism, alright. But I think this highlights a consistent problem that VGC moderation has had for a long time and why females don't want to post much, if they even sign up at all.

You just need to give the thread dark_lord posted in a read. You'll find that the OP (Metroid33slayer) has written several posts that are sexist and misogynist beyond doubt, but the one post that got picked out for moderation targets men.

You actually bring up a valid point... So I ask if you see such infractions... Smack that report button or let a moderator know so we can take the appropriate course of action... Even though we try, we don't always see everything.