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SquirrelWhisperer said:
pokoko said:

At some point, people have to make decisions for themselves.  I left a very good job with nice benefits because it consisted of repetitive movement that was placing strain on an old injury of mine.  I was taking pain pills during every break and having trouble sleeping.  I didn't blame the company, I simply decided that it wasn't the right job for me and left for the sake of my own well-being.  I'm responsible for me.  When it comes down to it, each person has to decide what they can and cannot handle.  If he wants to stay at a job that's giving him nightmares for the sake of money then that's his own decision and one he's going to have to own.  

it must be nice to have perfect foresight. maybe he really wanted the job, but it got too real. no one joins the miltary hoping to end up with PTSD. none of us really know the whole story, but your take bothers me

Perfect foresight?  I literally--as you just quoted it--posted about a job I had that turned out differently than I thought it would when I accepted it.  Perfect foresight?  Really?