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I hate how everyone keeps saying the first State of Play was bad. It wasn't at all. It had some very good grabs for VR which is something I am interested in. It's very strange to say it's "Bad" just because you have no interest in VR. I don't like Racing games or Shooters but I would be shortsighted to dismiss it if they showed a few of those. One should be able to see the importance of variety for a console platform, and VR is still in infancy and needs to be ensured of further support for people to want to buy it. The No Man's Sky update and actual release date for Blood and Truth were big for fans of VR like myself.

I am personally not crazy about Medival, never played the original, looks cool tho. We need more child friendly games out there still. I also hope the second shown game is something Japanese, a traditional RPG would be grand. There were rumors some time way back that Sony Japan was working on a mostly IN HOUSE JRPG again. Legend of Dragoon Reboot PLZ!!!!




Greatness Awaits

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