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These idiots need to be publicly ridiculed for the fools that they are. Humans are sexually dimorphic, that is scientific fact. Let's name some differences off the top of my head, men have broader shoulders, thicker necks, ridges on their foreheads, deeper voices, hairier bodies, thicker sturdier bones, thicker skin, rougher skin, proportionally smaller eyes, proportionally larger hands and feet, proportionally larger brains, proportionally larger heart and lungs, proportionally longer torso, proportionally shorter legs, more muscle mass, lower amount of body fat, ten times as much testosterone, brains are wired differently, men have superior hand eye coordination, spacial awareness and a higher aptitude for abstract thought, men go through puberty 2 years later, men have the dominance instinct and women have the hypergamous instinct. Yeah so of course that is a social construct and not reality. As soon as they said women are oppressed they revealed themselves to be an activists since women have more rights and privileges than men and receive the vast majority of government spending benefits even though men pay 72% of the taxes.