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Metroid33slayer said:
Torillian said:

If we're going off of the scientific consensus about hypergamy then my understanding is if goes both ways. Women want men who are higher in social standing, men want women that are more attractive than they are. Wouldn't this then lead to the brutal truth that men only love women as long as they are hot?

men are attracted to younger, prettier women that is true but a man's love is sacrificial, being a provider and protector is selfless, it is a bad deal but the man takes it anyway, he could just keep his resources to himself but instead he hands it over to a woman. A woman's love is transactional or selfish, she doesn't sacrifice anything, she's only with the man because he provides her with a higher standard of living. Consider this do you think men would allow their wives to freeze to death in the water after the titanic sank while they rowed to safety, no that is the last thing a man would want, he wouldn't be able to live with the shame and guilt. A man would die for his wife but a woman wouldn't do the same for her husband under any circumstances because their love isn't sacrificial. This explains it better.


So when you were saying that it's a "scientific biological fact" what are you basing that off of? Because when someone says that I expect to see a scientific study, a review of the available literature, y'know....sciencey shit. What I don't expect is a youtube video who doesn't back up any of his claims beyond "you all know it's true right?" based off a single web article on the different forms of love ancient Greeks had words for.