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Ganoncrotch said:
chakkra said:

I gotta say that I did not like watching Captain Marvel butting heads with a Gauntlet-welding Thanos two minutes after he mopped the floor with Thor, Capt and Tony (without the Gauntlet on).

That was a huge turn off for me.

Oh! and I did not like the fact that Hulk never got his rematch against Thanos.

Dr Hulk is missing an arm when Thanos comes to Earth, it would not have been a fair fight considering that Thanos took on hulk in a fist fight and won. Just if you see Hulk in that finale fight... his right arm is a singed mess, it completely swings limply and with no real power. It would have been his death tbh to engage Thanos.

Yeah, I guess the movie gave kind of a good excuse as to why he didn't fight. But I just wish they had gone a different route. Like, I don't know, maybe not having him lose his arm? I mean, in the comics he is supposed to have a healing factor almost as good as Wolverine's so..
I don't know, I just felt dissappointed. I felt the same way during the whole IW but I just gave that one a pass because I thought they were saving him for something epic on this movie. But nope..

Anyways, I guess it is what it is.