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Hiku said:
GoOnKid said:

I also thought the S stands for Switch, honestly. I think both of you have a point.

Does he have a point though?
I told him this earlier, but he either didn't see my comment or ignored it.

Dragon Quest XI S received a subtitle to highlight that it's an enhanced version with a lot of additional content that separates it from the original 2017 game in a substantial way.

But if Atlus were to announce a P5 port to Switch around this time, it would naturally be the same game as Royal. Which is why people didn't think they'd give the same game two different titles. A couple of potential Nintendo DLC costumes wouldn't warrant a name change.

Well, if we thought about such details, sure, then you are right. But both him and I fell for a very easy cognitive trap.

1. It's a game with a capital S in the title
2. The Switch exists, its name begins with a capital S
3. The game is coming to the Switch!

It's the same like saying that I have skin, and potatoes also have skin, therefore I must be a potato lol. We fell for it. It's true that the S could stand for anything and we just liked to think the simplest solution. Because hey, we can all agree that this game could run on the Switch and that it would fit with the portable aspect. We wished this to be the Switch version because there are signs pointing at a logical decision.

Gameplay > Graphics

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