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Edit: I have added links to my original review writings for each game sort of outlying my thought process. Warning, these were mostly casually written (not the way I write official reviews for the website). I just figured since people were challenging scores, instead of repeating myself you could just look at my original justifications.

Hello everyone, been a while since I did a thread like this, but after beating Final Fantasy 9 and enjoying it a lot more than I expected, I am determined to play, beat, and review all the Final Fantasy games, just like I've done to almost all of the Zelda games (stupid Majora's Mask is too stressful for me to ever beat properly haha). And, if I'm going to do that, why not compare how I feel about each game and each series as a whole? I'm only going to include mainline games and expansions, not spinoffs. I'll just keep updating this thread like I do to my Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Stargate thread.

Every Zelda game I've reviewed:

Skyward Sword - 98

Breath of the Wild - 94

Minish Cap - 92

Oracle of Ages - 91

Twilight Princess - 90

Windwaker HD - 86

A Link Between Worlds - 83

A Link to the Past - 78

Ocarina of Time 3D - 74

Four Swords Anniversary Edition - 53

Average: 83.9%

Every Final Fantasy Game I've Reviewed:

Final Fantasy 9 - 78%

Average: 78%

Anyway, as I continue to update my list, feel free to share your thoughts to have your own list in the comments that you update periodically! I'm absolutely certain we all have different lists and that mine will probably make some people pretty fired up about their own opinions but let's keep it friendly! I'm a story obsessed person, so that is something that always boosts a game or destroys one in my mind (if they don't have one or it is bad), but I understand not everyone thinks this way! I look forward to playing more Final Fantasy to see, in my opinion, which is superior.

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