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curl-6 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Looks kind of like 7th gen graphics, but that's fine. The character models and stages look good, but the texture quality is low. The resolution seems low given the pixels moving around and post processing creating a soft image on top of that.

I was playing MKX to try out the DLC characters and I'm annoyed by the softness of the image, I don't like post processing effects that make the image so blurry. With that said, I don't like how soft this Switch port looks. I'm gonna play this on Xbox One X, but I wouldn't mind having the Switch version after its like $20.

Eh, i wouldn't say it looks 7th gen, the shaders and effects work still have that distinctive current gen look, whereas 7th gen games tended to look less nuanced, plainer shading. Here's MK9 for instance, a late release for PS3/360. Definitely looks a lot more dated than MK11 Switch.

I knew somebody was gonna think I was comparing this directly to MK9. I'm not doing that.

MK9 (2011) is much older at this point but it was a polished game for the time. Around 2014 it seems games really started using more advanced lighting effects that added depth. I've said before I was really impressed with the lighting in Destiny even on PS360, that's where I started to notice other games look flat in comparison. CoD Advanced Warfare was also doing ambitious lighting effects on 7th gen specs.

I prefer the presentation of MK9 versus MK11 on Switch. Its sharper and the textures aren't muddy. MK11 on Switch just looks like a game scaled back with minimal effort, as opposed to a product built for Switch specs (which it is). Kinda remind me of Injustice on Vita. It was an impressive effort, but it doesn't feel like it was handled with care or tried to leverage the limited specs. These feel more like tech demos to me.

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