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CaptainExplosion said:
jason1637 said:

Well because we know that there are stil investigations going on in the doj concerning russia and the trump campaig.

US intervention in other countries when we dont need to have always been dumb moves imo. We should have pulled out of there a long time ago.

The white supremacists comments were also stupid but atleast he took it back.

He never bragged about sexual assault.

Most people actually got their taxes cut including the rich. But for people who live in liberal states that have high income taxes their taxes went up under the tax plan.

 Kavanaugh is not a rapist lol.

A lot of the regulations the EPA had set put a burden on the economy and with these regulation gone a lot of good have come from it.

The special olympics is not a government program. It should have never been funded by the government in the first place.

I think we should have bombed NK by now honestly so im not a fan of them being "friends" but a lot of people seem to agree with the diplomatic approach and if it ends up working thats good.

Lol he never encouraged people to go after Omar. He tweeted a video attacking her on something she said does not mean he told people to harass her.

The special counsel were not able to determine he colluded with the Russian. There is a lot of damaging info in the report but collusion is really not one of them. 

The counsel wasn't able to determine he colluded with Russia because the report was redacted.

Like it or not his Tweets against Omar have made her life very difficult, and her being Muslim and black only makes Trump and his supporters look even more racist.

Since when did he retract his comments about Nazis being very fine people?

Are you saying we should screw over the environment we depend on for the sake of money?

That makes no sense. The counsel wrote the rport so all their conclusions they came to would not be affected by a redacted report. In the report they literally say that there was no collusion. You can make a claim for obsruction of justice since the report never exonerated him on it and give some instances of Trump trying to intefere in the investigation.

If me and you are beefing on twitter and then you insult me and your followers start to harass me and give me death threats you are not to blame since you never told anyone to do that. Omar made a dumb comment and Trump tweeted a video about it. Its not his fault people are harassing her.

No we should try to halt climate change in a reasonable manner and I disagree with some of the regulations that Trump has dropped but at the same time we should consider the harm that these regulations are doing to people that work in these industries who have been hit with harsh regulations.