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It has to be. Otherwise there will be little reason to upgrade for those who have a Pro/X, as the visuals will be practically the same. And to make them visibly better in the graphics department, there needs to be hardware, that's pretty much high-end right now - and that doesn't come cheap.

Seriously, even at 500$, I expect them to sell the consoles at a serious loss. 700-800$ is what I expect the consoles to be costing in manufacture, plus shipping...

The GPU needs to be at least on par with a Vega 56 to make a visible difference to the One X, and those cost around 270-300€ right now. And that's just the GPU without the CPU, RAM, or any other parts. A previous Gen Ryzen 8 core chip still goes for about 200€, and AMD won't let this opportunity pass to make a buck. Expect around 400€ just for the APU, 450 with cooler and Motherboard. Add the RAM (70-150€ depending on the amount and standard), SSD, HDD (just SSD would inflate the price even further, 250€ for a 2TB SSD, 150€ for a small SSD coupled to a bigger HDD), casing, packaging (30-50€)

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