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kirby007 said:
Im not out on this right now.... the s10+ beats a base xo and ps4 but the x1x and ps4 pro muddened the water regarding my estimation.
Because if the next gen is only a bit stronger then the x1x or pro the phones are the way to go, expecially with stadia aswell in mind.

I have no clue whether an S10+'s Snapdragon is equal to whatever CPU is in a base model PS4. The RAM looks fine at 8 - 12 GB. Current prices have that phone listed for $1000 on both Amazon and Best Buy though. So, even if an S10+ really were as powerful as a base model PS4, there would still be a ridiculous price gap. Or are consumers so idiotic that they will gladly pay a grand for a phone over four or five years of payments? 

We don't know enough about Stadia at this point to know if it will be a success. There's no price, and no list of games. Who knows if internet in the US will be good enough to run it for most consumers. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.