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Poliwrathlord said:
Yang is the only one who has my support at this point. His campaign was my first political donation.

Tulsi was mine. Thinking of donating to Yang as well. 

My only concerns for him is that, while he has some great ideas - he's going to have a rough time convincing many in this country that we can afford to hand out $1000 dividends to all Americans (or at least 18-65, and not already on government aid of some kind, but still). The talks about the concerns of Automation are also insightful, though I feel he's a little ahead of his time with these notions. Most Americans I don't believe see this is a pressing concern yet, and many that do likely don't see it manifesting into a major issue for years, if not decades. 

But I definitely like many of his proposals/ideals. He's the only candidate I think I'd actually go out and vote for against Trump, along with Tulsi, and possibly Bernie (at least if he picks her as VP). 

I see Yang as more of a potential future president, given his policies. But I think he's ahead of his time. 

For now? Tulsi/Bernie or Bernie/Tulsi all the way!

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