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Nautilus said:
Machiavellian said:
Maybe Sony needs to set the correct expectations for these direct. Even MS lets you know theirs will be indie games so people do not expect some megaton stuff.

I mean, the problem is bigger than that.It dosent matter if you temper expectations if you still dosent have enough good games to show, but you have a point.

Sony has about 5 or 6 years of Nintendo directs to learn how to do one.They could ahve easily stated in the tweet when they announced the State of Play that it would be mostly about VR games and you're good.People would still be dissapointed, but far less.

Setting that expectation upfront get rid of all the negative crap to come later.  It tempers people expectations and lower the bar for what to expect thus letting the limite games to shine better.  You can never please everyone but at least they can stem all the useless negative crap where people are expecting AAA and only get B level games.