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RaptorChrist said:
Not at home right now, but what I'm paying for is Comcast and it's supposed to be 75 Mbps download (don't remember upload). There is a better ISP, but my house lies on the border of their serviceable area, and I'm hoping that soon I'll be within coverage. My problem with Comcast is it's 1 TB per month data cap. If I go over that data cap, it actually just adds $25 to the bill and makes it unlimited for the month, and since I don't go over the limit every month, it wouldn't make sense to upgrade to that plan. Both times I went over the limit they removed the overage charge so I'm not certain if my understanding of how it works is accurate.

When they installed the equipment, I remember that the connection tests barely passed, and I expressed my concern, but the technician said that because it did technically still pass the test, it would be an extra charge for them to upgrade the equipment. My connection is fairly stable, but I don't feel like I'm getting 75 Mbps. When I'm downloading a game on Steam, for example, it usually caps out at 7 MB/s, but oftentimes it rests at between 3 and 4 MB/s.

Oh damn, I wanted to follow this up because I checked data speeds and Comcast offers 250 Mbps in my area now, but they didn't upgrade me automatically. I called them up and was able to switch to the 250 Mbps plan for the exact same price. Kind of sketchy how they do that. So if you have Comcast and haven't checked plans recently, maybe check and see if there is a free upgrade available.

I'm at work now, but when I get home I should have a pleasant 250 Mbps connection to enjoy.