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Runa216 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

But you do not get to behave as the judge on how much value an opinion holds,ofcourse you think you speak gospel but others should not be holding your words as truth.

But my words ARE truth. That's the difference between objectivity and subjectivity; I'm not speaking (or typing) these things because they're my opinion, I recite these statements because they are backed by facts. I don't personally give a shit if people like trump, because Trump is funny and fun to watch on the apprentice. But when they believe his lies, listen to what he says, and act as they do in some false attempt at whatever it is they think he wants, that's dangerous. 

Look at New Zealand. 

That really should be all I have to say. That shooter is NOT the only instance of people in America or around the world doing things like this because of trump. 

Feelings and opinions don't matter. Actions and facts matter. I'm not all too fussed about playing nice in this situation because passivity has NEVER solved issues on this scale before. WE need to be calling people out on their bad behaviour, we need to quash bigotry before it gains steam, and the decent people out there need to be the ones making the most progress in the world. as it stands, the most dedicated, resourceful, action-oriented people out there are the ones trying to 'restore white nationalism' or to build a wall. THAT IS NOT OKAY. 

Bolded 1 : I am sure you believe them to be, you should be better of doubting yourself once in a while and surely with the statements you make to follow up on that in the same comment.

Bolded 2 : Gratz for being the tool of the shooter,you act how he wanted people to act in mass and that even a horrible act like this can be used by you for the narrative you like it to be says a lot,he was lunatic and driven by unrelated shit and memes,spyro 3 damn inspired him but yet you do love that he did a mention of Trump.