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Sony's main threat, as always, is Sony itself. They have the tools to maintain and expand Playstation, but will they be able to come together as a unified force, or will they continue to in fight.

All Sony has to due to continue leading is offer value and freedom. They need to deliver multiple solutions to access Playstation Software and Services Locally and Over the Cloud. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Sony needs to deliver a unified experience across its VR, TVs, Consoles, Tablets, Handheld, and Phones.

If Sony can offer consumers the ability to boot up the PlayStation OS, Access the PlayStation Store and PSN, and enjoy their entire Library from every Sony device, then Sony maintains their dominance in gaming.

If Sony restricts its user base to a single device, then the entire rest of the electronics industry is a massive threat. Microsoft are well on the way to offering Local and Native playback of Xbox Games across Windows PC, Laptops, Tablets Etc., and Xbox Console, elsewhere they will have xCloud. Google is strongly rumored to have native playback available via a Set Top Box/Console, supplemented by Stream for other devices. There are also rumors of Amazon and Apple both delivering a Gaming Platform in the near future.

AAA games are not going to be limited to console going forward, they won't be limited to Handheld, PC, or even Smartphone. Next gen will be about being able to game where you want, at the level of detail you want to pay for.

If Sony doesn't double down on PlayStation, and broaden its horizons, PS5 will be the Vita of the console market. As always, the ball is in their court.

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Kevyn B Grams