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Mandalore76 said:
DonFerrari said:
Every game is a test, if sales aren't good they have to change the strategy. Be it not putting that type of game on the system, or improving said game, etc. Just that most companies aren't open on it.

Dragon's Dogma sold .04m copies on Xbox One, and Capcom still released Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One.  So, this confirms that Dragon's Dogma only has to sell .04m copies on Switch to be considered a success, correct?

Porting between the X1, PS4, and (Windows) PC is relatively easy because they all share the same architecture and have enough power between them to not have to gimp on any assets. That is not true with a potential Switch version. Nintendo decided to not even attempt parity with the PS4/X1 and thus any port job of a game that uses the extent of resources that the PS4/X1 has will require at least some tweaking to get it running on a Switch. If Nintendo released a console with similar specs as PS4/X1 and based on x86 architecture then Capcom easily could have ported DMC5/RE2 Remake/etc. They didn't, because they know their strength is their first party titles and portability, and they made the right choice.

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