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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
Hardware revision shares (Feb 19):


Slim: 84*0.8+185*02+40= 144.2
Pro: 23*08+180*0.2+0= 54.4

Slim/Pro ratio: 72.6/27.4%

Xbox One:

S: 31*0.8+ 140*0.2+0= 52.8
X: 0+150*0.2+78+20= 128

S/X ratio: 29.2/70.8%

Slim+S 197/Pro+X 182.4

Total ratio: 51.9%/48.1%

S and Slim are practically not moving at all, neither does the Pro. Almost all changes from today stem from the X rising at Gamestop again.

All of your ratio posts look very interesting to me.  Especially since PS4 is mostly selling its base (slim) model, while XB1 is mostly selling the X model.  Looks like Microsoft made the right call making the X more powerful than the PS4 Pro.  Most of the people who want a premium console are going for the absolutely highest specs (XB1X).  Meanwhile, the people buying the cheaper models are going for the better game library which is obviously PS4. 

Thank you very much

I just remarked that I always forgot to use the 1.3 multiplier on Xbox. will make correct numbers starting the next update. will probably not change too much except keep the Pro/X from dropping under 50% again as the X profits much more from it.