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leo-j said:

I expect Sony to cut the PS4 to 249 and the pro to 349.

So my predictions for the year:

PS4: 15-16M (maybe over 16 if we get a 199 model later in the year.)
Switch: 17-18M(maybe approaching 19M with a revision.)
Xbox one: 3-4M (yea this is going to fall off hard..... wonder if the system can hit 50M LT sales? )

I think you might be a bit too pessimistic on the XBO and Switch.

XBO should recover next month, it was so low mostly because the low price during the holidays cleared out all demand for the console in early to mid January.

Switch made the numbers you're predicting last year already with a much weaker game lineup (especially during summer and fall seasons) and yet is already considerably outselling last year's sales at the same time of year. I'm pretty sure Nintendo will have another go on the 20M this year, unless lowballing for sake of breaking the expectations.