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Asriel said:
I find it astonishing the amount of hysterical gloom and doom flying around. Personally I've never had so much choice on a Nintendo system. As someone else pointed out, the Switch userbase grew by 40% over the last 2 or 3 months, Nintendo have had their best holiday quarter since the Wii/DS era, one of their best ever software launches in Smash, and four consecutive months where they've launched commercially big exclusives - three of them games built grounds up for Switch. Yes, we get it - not everything fits your personal taste. And that's fine, but that doesn't mean Switch is massively troubled or doomed or terrible.

It seems that this Direct may actually be real. It's not surprising - Nintendo will want to flesh out the March through May window at the very least and might even date some games for June and July. Mid February is a good time to sketch out the next 3 to 5 months, even if more announcements come in late April, for example. I'd expect one reveal for something coming later in the year, too - possibly the 2D Zelda title as their 'one more thing' ending.

Agreed. The last few pages in this thread have become trolled over talking about the PS4, I have no idea why. If they announce 2d zelda I will flip. Link Between World's was a glorious ode to the past and I want more! 

Also, I know it is likelier they port Color Splash or won't have one at all, but I would explode if they announced a new PM game with the gameplay mechanics from the first two games.

Either way, as long as AC is shown, it's a winner in my book.