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fatslob-:O said:
MrWayne said:

3. No because the EU can't do something like that, only Ireland can decide that and I guess it would be impossible to do it without leaving the Union.

Honestly this comment of yours is kinda disgusting. It seems like you're a person who just likes to see things burn.

No, what's disgusting is Leo and the Fine Gael's appalling behaviour regarding their attacks on British sovereignty and what you said wasn't true ... 

The EU can seek to use Article 7 against it's own member state if they unanimously feel that the member state in question is acting in bad faith. Ireland MUST MEET the EU's obligations otherwise it'll strip away Ireland's voting rights and go forward by kicking them out of the single market and the customs union if they AREN'T going to install an Irish border ... 

The UK having access while having no import controls makes them the MOST DANGEROUS THREAT to the EU SINGLE MARKET so punitive action needs to be DEALT WITH on Ireland!  

It's unacceptable from the EU's perspective for a current member state to allow a former member state to be able to participate in the single market when the latter will likely call on the lowest bidders (poor nations) to do their dirty work for them by depleting European banknote reserves since the UK's cheap imports will out compete the local markets at large putting them out of business thus risking a European economic depression ... 

Ireland should not expect ANY sympathy from the other EU member states which will bear the brunt of the smuggling at an upwards of hundred billion Euros so they had best put up a hard border with Northern Ireland or accept an EU customs check at the continent ... 

I'm a person looking for entertainment and I'll enjoy seeing Leo Varadkar along with Donald Tusk burn in hell with the Brexiteers as well if they're only going to seek this to the very bitter end ... (I look forward to Leo breaking down into tears between his choice for the single market or Irish reunification once the UK will rock the singe market boat through smuggling) 

Again, what's with all that smuggling nonsense?

Also, not wanting a hard border is becasuse of the Troubles potentially resparking in Northern Ireland and has nothing directly to do with Ireland proper, but the unionists and the nationalists

And, like I said, if a hard Brexit comes, and it's on the best way to get there really, border controls will happen there no matter what. It's actually required under WTO rules.

fatslob-:O said: 
Bofferbrauer2 said: 

1. What about the tens of billions of smuggled good making it's way into the UK? A border works both ways, you know. The only thing the Eire will loose forever with the UK will be the open border.

3. The EU cannot boot out any other country. Countries may leave if they wish, but can't be kicked out for whatever reason. Otherwise you can be sure the UK would have been out for a long time now, always wanting a cake and eat it too for decades. The Uk got exemptions, rebates and whatsnot, and yet they are still unhappy and bickering all the time. There were times where I would have loved to be in the European Parliament just to tell Cameron at the time to shut the fuck up for his ridiculous demand of the day, and yes, including the F word. You'll understand that many Europeans just think "Goodbye and good riddance you ingrates" when it comes to the Brexit.

In any case, wtf about all that talk of smuggling?

Besides, if the UK crashes out, that also means no deal on the Irish border and thus a hard border will be unavoidable there, and all because the UK  parliament can't stop bickering with themselves for 2 seconds. Seriously the parliament is so broken that whatever the EU would offer by now, it would be shot down in parliament even if it would be better than what the UK had during it's stay in the EU. So forget about any backstop, that won't happening, and the UK should take all the blame for that.

1. I very much doubt that. The UK has a leverage because it has the power to unilaterally import whatever shit it wants and if Ireland doesn't want to be responsible for meeting EU customs requirements then it's as good as single market access but without many of the downsides of membership for the UK. The EU single market by definition is a very protectionist and developing market when Southern Europe struggles very much and Eastern Europe is in it's infancy so imagine for a moment what the instability of being out competed by far cheaper goods would mean to them ... (we are talking about rising deficits due to capital outflows in places with relatively high interest rates) 

3. Article 7 and I don't think it will matter much if the other 26 remaining EU member state won't tolerate Ireland not cracking down on smuggling ... (EU needs to cut Ireland out of the single market and customs union just in case it doesn't install a hard border)

A hard border CAN be avoidable but it means Ireland quitting the EU single market and customs union plus the EU is threatening Ireland if it doesn't take action ... (I guess there are *cracks* within the 'solidarity') 

If Ireland DOES want to go the hard border route then they can kiss their chances of reunification goodbye ... (GFA stipulates that Ireland must meet it's end of the bargain in order for Northern Ireland to hold a sovereignty referendum)

Leo and Ireland especially must pick between having their pride (reunification) or it's source of wealth (EU single market) ... (the DUP will make life hell for them) 

1. What bullshit are you blabbering there?

The UK will, after a hard Brexit, only be able to import through WTO rules. And that means anybody whom the UK wants to import their goods from has a say about it. In fact, it's possible that the UK won't be able to import at all at first as the WTO schedules (the rules by which a country trades) need to be agreed upon by all WTO members, so until there's an agreement there it's possible no trade is possible (though I expect that those who agree on it will go by the schedules, which are the schedules the EU is using for the countries the EU has no trade agreement - all 12 (soon 13) of them. Importing unilaterally is impossible due to WTO's non-discriminatory rules: If the UK doesn't want to control the goods coming in from Ireland, than they can't control the other borders either as everybody under WTO rules needs to be treated equally.

Oh, and every market is somewhat protectionist, every single country has tariffs. In fact, by comparison the tariffs of the EU are rather low and since 2015 tariff barriers on (non-GMO) food had been successively reduced

3. Again, what are you talking about smuggling all the time? Also, keep in mind that the EU is a net exporter as a whole, but the UK is a net importer (especially on food, but by far not the only commodity the UK is importing en masse), so it's rather up to the UK to be concerned about smuggling. But look again what I wrote above about the barriers... Also, what about article 7? Just to quote: Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union is a procedure in the treaties of the European Union (EU) to suspend certain rights from a member state. While rights can be suspended, there is no mechanism to expel a member  so what's you (moot) point anyway?

Yes, a hard border can be avoided by Ireland by leaving the EU and getting back under the UK thumb. But guess what: That's just what they are avoiding for 100 years now. So, again, moot.

Oh, and about the reunification: I'd rather say the UK can soon kiss the UK goodbye, as I don't think the Scots or the Norther Eire (who both vote remain I might add) will want to stay in the UK any much longer, especially not with all the problems a no-deal poses on the population.