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Bofferbrauer2 said:

But I agree with the sentiment, and I'm sure you're not gonna be alone with that. I already predicted about 2 years ago that the next gen will have a slow start due to this, as there's simply not enough time to get enough visual distance between themselves and the Pro/X mid-gen upgrade consoles. As a result, I fear both Sony and Microsoft possibly shot themselves in the foot with the upgrades, as they are leeching sales from their still unreleased successors. Or do you think anybody who bought a Pro/X now will buy a PS5/Xbox next anytime soon? Probably not too many, even moreso with Gamestop faltering, making trade-in potentially much more difficult by that time.

Not a big problem at all.

How many PS4s sold are Pro-models? Probably less than 10%: zero percent of the 43 million PS4s sold until the Pro-launch and probably less than 20% of the 50 million units sold after that... around 8 - 10 million PS4 Pros.

How many Xbox Ones sold are X-models? Probably less than 7%: zero percent of the 30 million Xbox Ones sold until the X-launch and probably less than 20% of the 12 million units sold after that... around 2 - 3 million Xbox One X.

Many of these 10 - 13 million Pro/X buyers are early adopters and/or enthusiasts and they will switch to the next consoles quite fast.