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CuCabeludo said:

After this shitshow, I hope any other country won't want to join this totalitarian superstate, where you must give up your sovereignty without freedom to lave as you wish. The good news is this monstruosity will collapse sooner or later.

Yeah, looks like the UK may break apart due to Brexit, with Northern Ireland going back to Ireland and Scotland finally gets it's independence they're asking for for years now.

Oh, you meant the EU? No need to give up sovereignty (or was the UK at any given point not a sovereign country anymore? Nope, always retained it's sovereignty, unlike Scotland like remarked above) and you're free to leave whenever you want to. The 2 year transition period came from the UK not the EU.

Oh, and if there is no freedom to leave, how come the UK is, well leaving???

Seriously, please get your facts together before ranting about something you seemingly don't seem to fully understand with half-truths at best and totally wrong statements at worst.