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collint0101 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

For me as long as a group is not submitting to violence there is a possibility for discussion to be had and the hope some change minds or start having conflicting feelings about what drives them, if those same people keep secret meetings we wont be able to know their motivations or have a chance at discussion so it is inherently not such a bad thing they are at some protests in a passive way.

People behind that symbol has caused some of my forefathers to go to camps but these days it is stripped of its power and marginalized,at most it does offend yes.

Some people aren't worth talking to and even then that's assuming that they're willing to talk. We're talking about people that want the mass elimination of people they deem racially inferior, if someone is gone far enough into irrationality to think that's a good idea they're immune to rational discource. 

Everyone is worth talking to , if you can start letting them think about things in a different way and there is a chance to let them question their motives then yes, always worth it.

Writing them of before even giving them a chance to discussion is a behaviour that keeps us stuck into isolated groups.