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Here are numbers for all the consoles I could find semi-solid data on. Note: These aren't definitive numbers, they're just the shipment numbers that were released closest to the date of their successors' releases. For that reason, you should take these numbers with a 1-2 million margin of error in either direction.

DS - 144.59M
GB - 113.72M
PS2 - 111.25M
Wii - 97.18M
PS3/X360 - 80M
PSP - 74.76M
PS1 - 71.82M
3DS - 65.3M
GBA - 58.13M
SNES - 42.31M
N64 - 32.71M
Xbox - 24.00M
GCN - 21.20M
WiiU - 13.56M

For most of these figures, I picked the last fiscal quarter in which the console did not have a successor on the market. However, because the data is spotty in a lot of places:

-N64 includes the launch quarter of GCN in Japan, which was 09/2001
-GB includes the launch quarter of GBA in Japan, which was 03/2001
-PS2 is hardware production units, not sell-in
-Xbox includes the launch quarter of Xbox 360 in North America, which was 12/2005
-PS3 and X360 were non-standard shipment figures released in November and October 2006, respectively