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Rab said:

Just because it has been true for a short time doesn't mean it will stay true, antibiotics once readily available, could now be unusable over the next decades leaving Humans again vulnerable to simple infections our ancestors died from, all this gain and loss happening in roughly 100 years, a drop in time, our food crops are constantly injected with wild genes to improve survivability of those crops, if we have no more wild varieties our very food supply is at risk over coming 100 years, taking even bees for granted has been a huge threat, bees need a healthy wild landscape to thrive, which includes many species not directly seen as beneficial to us       

Progress has been true forever, not for a short time.  

Antibiotics....well, there is certainly some risk there, but that's all it is - risk.  There is no certainty that were fucked, or even close to it.  

Crops - I don't even know what you're talking about.  Crop yields, resistance to drought, resistance to pests, and just about everything else having to do with the food supply is moving in a positive direction.

Bees - there simply isn't a problem.  Bee populations are experiencing massive growth.  There was an 18 month scare, which appears to have been significantly overblown.