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Wyrdness said:
For those saying late 2022 and such starting from scratch doesn't exactly mean all assets are dropped things like the game's engine, certain maps and various models can still be used to speed things up. Chances are them telling us today possibly means the actions they talked about today likely took place over the last month or so maybe even more.

Yeah, I could imagine that they wanted to show something at E3 and when that couldn't happen they opted for the Game Awards.  And when they realized that wasn't going to happen they issued a veiled threat at the developer saying "Nintendo has internal expectations about when it is going to be released."  I'd imagine they gave them an end of the year deadline to make major headway and fix issues and when that didn't happen their probably already existing conversations with Retro Studios became finalized.  There's no way they decided this last week and gave us the word today.  I also think part of the strategy in announcing this is to clear those expectations for new Metroid info before the next Direct.  Not that most were expecting anything, but they know they had us worked to a fever pitch during the Game Awards.