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Thank you for organising this and compiling the lists. Great to see my top three at least made the top 100. Interesting to see how close the vote numbers are.

Ka-pi96 said:

Nice work mZuzy!

Disappointed to see FF10 only #30. Also quite surprised to see TLOU at #29. IIRC it was top 10 the year it released, so what's with the decline? Also disappointed that not a single Dynasty Warriors game cracked the top #100. We need to get more DW fans here ASAP!
Interesting to see the vote numbers too.

Especially with Pokemon Red/Blue having 5 more votes than Gold/Silver yet only being 1 rank higher.

I'm a DW fan but I couldn't justify putting one in my top 50 no matter how much I love them. I had this problem with a lot of games, when it came down to 50 games I had to drop a lot of games even though I'd consider them close to some of the ones that made it.