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John2290 said:
Darwinianevolution said:
Don't quote me on this, but isn't 24 fps the minimum required for the human brain to interpret motion, and not just a series of still images? Maybe they are just following the law of minimum efford...

Yes. 24 fps was the standard for technical reasons for many years yet people, critics and creators are still beating the drums sayong it looks better than higher rates and should be kept as the stnadard. Like those fools who used to say vinal is better for it's flaws. It seems to be all nostalgia based and no reality to it at all. I think it may just e social engineering so the elite don't have to go and replace all their infrastructure and tech and the streaming service don't need to fouble bandwith. Or maybe it's just foolish people being foolish or like you said, lazy and doing the bare minimum. 

Well, technically vinyl is better than some digital formats like MP3, due to the way they are compressed (again, don't quote me on this), but regardless of that, there is a massive problem with sharing and storing any kind of video format. The more quality it has, the more size it occupies, so a company like Google, that owns not only Youtube but many other services dedicated to storing digital stuff, might look at the sheer amount of money needed to keep everything in order and just consider it not worth the efford. Just imagine the everyday bill of just YouTube when it comes to infraestructure, electricity, hardware to storage everything... Cutting corners might be needed to slow down the monumental expenses.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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