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zorg1000 said:
Megiddo said:

This is the same insider who said that he wasn't absolutely certain that the PS4 would win November last year, correct?

And people still put any sort of weight on what he says?

Here's what we actually know.

1)Amazon on Sunday took 3 times longer to sell out of Spider-Man bundles this year than it took for them to sell out of the PS4 slim last year.

2)Unlike last year Sony wasn't only relying on one SKU on sale. It also had the RDR 2 Pro bundle and the CoD BLOPS 4 slim bundle.

3)The Brickseek inventory results for Thanksgiving/Black Friday were hilariously tilted in Sony's favor, outnumbering Switch consoles 5:1 to 10:1 depending on location.

I look at the data above and the absolutely miserable history of the insider when it comes to November NPD and I think it's far, far, far, far more "bold" to think that PS4 is going to drop 25% YoY (as a lot of predictions in this thread have it) compared to being up 10%.

Your post is coming off a bit hostile, all I did was answer your question.

You said insiders, plural. Are there more people than Benji who are commenting?

Also, potential NPD leak period starts tonight or is it next Thursday?