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derpysquirtle64 said:
crissindahouse said:

Would really like to see MS opening a big studio in Japan. Not that important for me but that would show they take this gaming culture serious. Not only a good sign for people who love japanese games but also to show other japanese studios that MS cares about what is produced there.

MS is a little bit too much focused on everything USA/UK...

They can't really buy a studio there but they could have build one already long ago.

No, this won't happen anytime soon. It is irrational to spend money on establishing studio in the market where you sell 100 consoles per week and have almost zero third-party support. It just won't make any sense. Probably it could have happened in the early Xbox days, but their new leadership doesn't like to risk with such huge investments.

I wasn't talking about selling consoles in Japan (even though it would help MS in the long run to maybe get e foot on the market). I was talking about showing japaneses devs and fans of japanese games that you take this gaming culture from there serious so that they support Xbox more.