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curl-6 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Curl .... literally my second sentence. 

I'm not talking about playing old games at higher resolutions though. I'm talking about the tradeoffs made when a game is created. For example, when Alan Wake was made, the devs chose to target 540p instead of the typical 7th gen 720p in order to focus more resources on other aspects.

But that's why the topic doesn't make sense. 

How many devs nowadays really make the tradeoff in favor of resolution instead of against it?  In order for something to be overrated, people have to be massively in favor of it. But I've certainly never heard someone say that they wanted a game to look worse for a better resolution. Games which are using the PS4 and Xbox One to their absolute maximum capabilities are cutting back on resolution as a result, and most games (at least on base PS4, and every console more powerful than it) perfectly balance between a high resolution and great graphical capabilities. There has never been a time where I turned on a PS4 game and thought "Damn, if only they cut back on the resolution, then this game would be prettier" - most of them fit their pursuits perfectly. Realistically 99% of triple A games meet the graphical quality they want to meet, unless you're talking about the PC version which will always have more options. This topic would make a lot more sense for graphics over frame-rate, because it doesn't make a lot of sense in it's current state. Especially because resolution is a big factor in how good a game looks.