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Mar1217 said:
LMU Uncle Alfred said:


If we're talking JRPG sales in general, they've fallen off mostly because they just aren't getting made as much anymore.  Leaving aside Pokemon (which I feel is never considered a traditional RPG anyways) the FF series sales have been consistently in the 7-9 million range.  Since FF7, and with the exception of FFIX and FFXII, all of them have sold between 7-9 million roughly.  I don't know about XI, but I believe XIV is up there now.

 DQXI from what I have heard is actually one of the highest selling DQ games in the NA region now.

2nd best selling if I remember right.

Nope 6th actually and previous games before VIII were stealth released in the west IX has the biggest push yet sold less than IV (3ds), V (3ds), VII, VIII and IX in NA, Europe has actually been a better region for DQ since the games started releasing in the region.