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From what I can tell, their censorship is regarding the player actively interacting with the character, be it with the 'golden fan' blowing wind and causing a panty shot or the Senran Kagura mode where the player touches the girls to raise their affection. From what I can recall, Catherine did not have any of those sort of activities. and nor did Persona.

While I do think Sony is being way too overzealous with their censorship and it can and likely will cost them in the long run, there hasn't been a case to my knowledge that would cause something like Catherine or Persona to be censored because they don't have the little touching mini games or anything similar.

With that in mind, I chose option #4, though I do hope Persona becomes multiplat. Also keep in mind that Nintendo and other publishers (particularly when it comes to the English publishers of free to play online games) frequently do remove gameplay involving touching/caressing female characters as it could easily be construed as molesting, and no company wants that sort of controversy brought up.

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