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Mr Puggsly said:
danno_omen said:

Oh im sure Halo and forza and just about everything else will also be on at the very least X. I think at some point the power of the One/S will cause next gen games to stop working on those consoles at some point. And usually a console only releases with a couple exclusives at most and then depends on third party. I think MS wont make the mistake of last gen of releasing these smaller titles at launch like Ryse,and will come out swinging with Halo and Forza,there two biggest exclusives other than Gears obviously,but with Gears being 2019 it wont be a launch title unless they double dip.

As for other titles not announced yet for 2020,it all depends on there strategy. If the console comes out in lets say october and Compulsion games has a release for the X in April im not entirely sure if they'd then re release it with the Scarlett branding,even though it is more than likely backwards compatible anyway. And im sure they will have other third party support but im not gonna sit here and think about what every publisher is going to put out around holiday 2020. Hard enough to predict just MS lol

You're making an assumption I have as well, the X1X could be supported in the future while ending base X1 support. But If a game can function well on the Xbox One X, then it should be playable on a base Xbox One. Maybe it will require a dynamic resolution that goes below 720p, maybe it will struggle for 30 fps and maybe the graphics settings will be put to low/medium, but if it works on the X1X then it should be playable on a X1.

I think Ryse was actually a notable release in 2013 compared to what else was there. Dead Rising 3 was a better game but very unpolished, Forza 5 was nice but not a vast improvement over Forza 4 unless you really compared the assets. Ryse is a great looking game that showed off the potential of 8th gen graphics and was relatively fun story driven game. Its a shame they didn't spend more time patching bugs even though it sold well.

Its safe to assume Xbox One games releasing in 2020 will be prepared to support the superior specs of the next console. While some games will certainly be patched like Gears of War 5, maybe Halo 5, etc.

I'm not as sure as you are. At some point you have to stop making essentially 3 different versions of the game. Sure games that run on the X now can run on the One,but when next gen comes out the X will be the inferior version and then the One will essentially be what the 360 is to games now. I just cant see a dev making a game that runs on a console that outdated beyond maybe the first party games