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Mr Puggsly said:
danno_omen said:
Honestly if the console gets released in september/october 2020 i would imagine the only launch titles we will get is halo and forza.Maybe a game like Screamride/Zoo Tycoon type exclusive to try and get some of the younger demo. I can't see them releasing a whole bunch of exclusives all at once. Now if were talking within a year of release id imagine Ninja Theory's game and possible the rumoured Fable will be out early that next year

For a launch a major Halo release and a Forza built for 9th gen would be great. Lets remember the 8th gen consoles didn't have amazing launch titles per se, they were bolstered by 3rd party games like CoD, BF4, AC4, etc. However, I think MS's next console is gonna launch with crossgen in mind. I really don't see the next Halo skipping Xbox One/X.

But you're also assuming MS doesn't have other games planned for 2020 currently in development now. I mean MS is gonna be at E3, certainly they some games announce? Also, has MS stopped working with 3rd parties? Maybe some games planned could be from other studios.

Anywho, MS gave the impression they're not interested in generations per se. So all upcoming games at the moment may be for current and next gen.

Oh im sure Halo and forza and just about everything else will also be on at the very least X. I think at some point the power of the One/S will cause next gen games to stop working on those consoles at some point. And usually a console only releases with a couple exclusives at most and then depends on third party. I think MS wont make the mistake of last gen of releasing these smaller titles at launch like Ryse,and will come out swinging with Halo and Forza,there two biggest exclusives other than Gears obviously,but with Gears being 2019 it wont be a launch title unless they double dip.


As for other titles not announced yet for 2020,it all depends on there strategy. If the console comes out in lets say october and Compulsion games has a release for the X in April im not entirely sure if they'd then re release it with the Scarlett branding,even though it is more than likely backwards compatible anyway. And im sure they will have other third party support but im not gonna sit here and think about what every publisher is going to put out around holiday 2020. Hard enough to predict just MS lol