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omarct said:
Yes, it is just part of life, just make sure to keep it purely carnal and protect yourself. I also thought similarly to many in this forum when I was in my late teens, but life and experience changes you and as you get older you realize that all these little things mean nothing after you die so there is no point in getting hung up on all that nonsense. Enjoy your life and whatever you do just make sure you wont regret doing it, or not doing it, later.

My wife and I have agreed that neither of us wants to hear about it if the other cheats, unless we want the marriage to end.  We were in our 30s when we met, and both of us have had enough experience to understand that shit happens. 

I want her to be satisfied.  If she needs something that I can't or won't give, shess freefto get it elsewhere.  Of course, I'd be hurt if I knew she fucked somebody else, so I don't want to hear about it.  And, our understanding is that if you cheat and feel guilty about it, that's your problem.  We're not allowed to unburden our own conscience by putting that shit on the other person.  

This works in theory.  Hopefully, it works in practice too. I guess if it does, I'll never know.