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Mummelmann said:
Glad to hear it, quality work deserves attention and profits. And it's a single player adventure at that! Between this and AC: Odyssey, we're once again seeing that single players is far from (red) dead, on the contrary. And at the same time; Bethesda are poised to release a wart on the Fallout universe by making it something no one asked for and Blizzard are cocking up by choosing a damn mobile game to end their Blizzcon. Take note, single player games are just as relevant as ever.

Uhm uhm, someone has forgot to mention God of War and Spiderman in his post. Interestingly, these four games sold more than any other game in their franchise.

RDR 2 sold more than RDR in 8 days

AC Odyssey was the fastest selling AC game on current gen

Spiderman was the fastest selling Spiderman game

God of War was the fastest selling God of War game