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Pemalite said:
haxxiy said:

I thought the graphic architectures of Apple and the like were still years of development behind even AMD's stuff, so comparing computing performance would actually be flattering to them and not the opposite.

I mean... Imagination Technologies, man.

AMD's latest graphics architectures are years ahead.
But the Xbox One's GPU is derived from hardware that came out 2012. Keep that in mind as we are about to enter into 2019.

Soundwave said:
That NBA 2K19 demo was running at full Retina resolution which is 5.6 million pixels .... that's more than 2.5x 1080p resolution .... so it was rendering the game at 60 fps at a resolution way beyond an XBox One S. Not quite 4K resolution, but not far off.

I think their claim might be correct, that GPU must have some serious grunt underneath it to be able to pull that off. The CPU totally destroys the XB1S or PS4 CPUs.

If it can run NBA 2K19 at that resoution, I think there's a good chance it can run just about any other XBox One S game at a much lower resolution of 900p-1080p (which is where most XB1S games are rendered at).

More to hardware, graphics and performance than just resolution.

Yes, NBA2K19 is not the most demanding game, but it's not exactly a 2D platformer either. It's a fully 3D game. 

If that iPad is running that game at 60 fps, at 5.6 million pixels (2732x2048 resolution) .... that's waaaaaaaaaaaay past the XBox One's 1080p and Switch at 720p (undocked). 

You're talking double the frame rate and almost 6 freaking times the pixels of the Switch version undocked, 2.5x more pixels than the XBox One S that's plugged into a wall outlet. 

That's impressive. The GeekBench scores on the CPU are freaking beastly too, the CPU destroys the PS4/XB1 and goes toe to toe with Intel i7s, it probably isn't a stretch accounting for all that the GPU is pretty solid. 

I think this chip is easily 3x the Tegra X1 that's in the Switch (it is 3 1/2 years newer tech on a radically smaller 7nm node). If you put this chip into a Switch and let devs code right down to the metal, I think just about every PS4/XB1 game would doable on it, especially at a 720p resolution for undocked. 

It's a shame actually this chip is probably largely wasted on an iPad, Apple won't allow console size game downloads and there's no real business model for $60 physical games on the iPad/iPhone either.