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mZuzek said:
Green098 said:

That might be quite difficult sorry. The only non Nintendo platforms I've ever fully owned myself are the PSP, Xbox 360, Mobile and PC. I did try and include games on those platforms were I could on my last list but ultimately very few of my favourite games are on there.

It at least will be a true genuine list of the top 50 games I've ever played. I'm not trying to be intentionally deceitful to skew results a certain way. I'm just a unique type of gamer. I've gotten into quite a few third party games this year though (albeit on Switch), so maybe that will help keep things at least varied publisher wise. 

That's... totally not what I meant to say. There's no problem with your list being your genuine 50 favorite games, in fact that's how it should be. OTBWY's list itself wasn't all Nintendo, anyway. I meant as in, don't be a bum and spoil your list early for everyone.

Oh oops, sorry lol. I thought because I'm well known as primarily a Nintendo gamer and that Rol was quite blunt with what his intentions were with their list, that's what you were referring too. I just took a quick glance at their lists to try and figure out what the connection to me and Rol would be so I just assumed wrong. Didn't realise it was about posting lists early. Plus I understand the problems with an undiverse library of games.

Nah, last time the person who did the thread had to chase after me to get my finished list after I forgot about it. Since I already have an idea from my last list it'll be much easier to do it day by day.

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