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Alby_da_Wolf said:
KazumaKiryu said:

I find your comment interesting. you have described the situation good in my opinion. I also think that both companies will lose power.

But gone forever... I think No(i'm sure), because both have much money. And if yes.. President "Trump" would certainly help his american companies :P

the big hype is over, thats true.

A help by Trump in matters he doesn't understand could end up damaging MS instead of helping it. Car makers already told him they don't need his help on pollution rules and they are perfectly able to follow the previous roadmap for pollution reduction, indeed tough anti-pollution rules favour US, EU and JP car makers and hinder competitors from emerging markets that can offer cheap costs but are still some steps behind car market leaders on high tech, unless they obtain it under licence from them. Some "brilliant" idea on SW market and protection of US SW makers could actually persuade governments outside of USA that still heavily rely on MS SW for their public administration to switch to competing SW for any task allowing it.

Good to know. Okay, that could happen too. This Trump-situation would be very interesting : D

But I also think that Microsoft will not disappear in the next few years.

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