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CGI-Quality said:

Continuing the tradition, we're back for another round of The Best Graphics Of The Year. This year promises to be bigger than last! Around Fall time, I'll put up a poll for 2018's best lookers and let you guys vote on who took the year, overall. Congratulations to Horizon: Zero Dawn for being VGChartz's Graphics King Of 2017!

This four games: 100 % = the best GRAPHIC 2018 :) This year we have the best games with the best graphic in my opinion.

"Detroit Become Human" looks wonderful (especially the details and characters), God of War and Spiderman impressive. RDR2 too, of course. It is difficult to say which looks the best.

CGI-Quality said:

Spider-Man makes a point! Best looking NYC in a game. Character models are fantastic too!

So true. New York looks fantastic! The most beautiful and best superhero-game for me =) Looks better than the real movies (design, bossfights / staging, spiderman / character models)

My Game of the Year 2019: Death Stranding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFHK9zXyXsw&feature=emb_logo

Cant wait of FF7 Remake/Last of Us 2/Ghost of Tsushima