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Of course it should continue.  Alleged victims have the right to be heard, not believed.  I heard her and don't believe a damn thing she said.  Every answer was "I don't know" or "I can't really remember" or "what I said in that email/letter was a mistake, here's what my lawyer wants me to say I meant."  But, without being able to give any other concrete answers about anything, somehow she is 100% sure that it was Kavanaugh.  Even though none of the records from her therapist names him.  Then she wants to know the dates that PJ worked at some store so she can give an exact date of when she ran into him and, for some odd reason, said hello to him?  That's not how it works, sweetheart.  You give the date first, then they go back and check to see if he was actually working that day.

This was 100% a delay tactic from the Dems.  They had the info.  They could have brought this to the committee's attention, privately, like Ford wished.  Then there could have been a private investigation.  Instead, they held it til the last minute when they had run out of options, and then leaked it to the press, destroying any hope of anonymity for Ford. They are hoping they can delay this til after the mid-terms, which they believe they will easily win, so they can block all of Trump's nominees til 2020, when they think they will win, again.  I hope the vote is held early to mid next week.  Enough of the delays, put the man in.